Sunday, April 14, 2013

Berlin Part 4

Karl-Horst Hödicke @ The Berlinische Galerie

Karl-Horst Hödicke @ The Berlinische Galerie

Ulrich Baehr @ The Berlinische Galerie

Lizzie @ The Berlinische Galerie

Joe in Kreuzberg


Joe in Alexanderplatz trainstation

Joes favourite scooters

Inside the Reichstag Dome by Norman Foster

One of the views from the Reichstags dome

The Berlin Cathedral - Berliner Dom

2 dorks

One of the museums we didn't go into

Me while Joe takes photos

Joe while I take photos (and the East Berlin Ampelmännchen - the man in the crossing light)

Thats the last of Berlin. Next trip is Copenhagen in May. Will try to remember to take my camera out with me when we mission around London. xx

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ShoeboxSally said...

Love the '2 dorks' photo - you guys are cute!