Saturday, January 19, 2013

Let it snow!

I'm considering starting a Mocha appreciation blog :p Some places refuse to do it and it makes me so mad (most recently i'm looking at you Prufrock, Rapha and Browns of Brockley).

Today we got coffee from Full Stop, Joe got a coffee from Browns of Brockley - I was denied a mocha, and then we got another from Dark Fluid at the market. I also broke my tooth on some salted caramel...  it was an emotional morning.



cheekie_munkey said...

you should stand outside those places with a sign (I tired to spell placard and gave up) telling people to boycott!

Suzie said...

Don't they know that chocolate and coffee is a classic combination, not to mention also a lot of fun? I bet they also don't like espresso martinis!