Sunday, April 8, 2012

What Up Wales

So there is this bit of water near Cardiff in Wales where you can see England, and apparently they have this saying "If you can see England it's going to rain soon, and if you can't see England it's already raining."
We had a fantastic, whirlwind day in Wales. Wandered around Cardiff for a bit, then went to Caerphilly Castle. Got rained on, ate yummy pasties, had some welsh beer. Was a great way to spend Joe's birthday.
Now i'm going to eat myself into a sugar coma.
Happy Easter!
xoxo Love Lizzie


Golfernut said...

looking good - happy B'day Joe,

Anonymous said...

I especially like the man laughing in the 6th one from the bottom. Nice to see your beautiful blue and white camera out and about! x Tess

cheekie_munkey said...

Is a hard shoulder like a cold shoulder?

Love seeing more photos of you guys! Looking gorgeous!

I think there are baby photos of me at a castle like these (We lived in Cardiff when I was a bubba!)