Friday, April 6, 2012

It is a Good Friday

It has been a Good Friday indeed.
I took a picture of my roses that I bought last weekend at the Columbia Road flower market. They're still looking beautiful. Joe and I went out for breakfast but made a pit stop at Drink, Shop & Do to drop off some coffee. Thats the daffodil photo and the photo of the cute cafe with great furniture. They also have a wee shop out the front with lovely stock, and apparently Joe was telling me they have a bar downstairs that is purely a Gin bar. If only I liked Gin.
We went to Flat White for breakfast, and then bought some art supplies and I got some beautiful magazines for the bus tomorrow. There was another coffee shop nearby called Foxcroft & Ginger which we 'had' to try also so we went there also. I had yum lemonade. One coffee a day is enough for me.
Joseph has been out this afternoon hunting for a helmet while i've been making his birthday cake. I've made him sticky date cake, but i'm most excited about the icing which is a caramel sauce. I've had to stop myself from eating spoonfuls of it and just occasionally have a taste.
Tonight we're going to go to a vegetarian restaurant called Vanilla Black for his birthday dinner.
Then its up early in the morning to go to Wales! A fun filled birthday few days. Its only fair - I got to be in Paris for my birthday :p
Anyway this is way more then I would usually write. I'll take more photos tomorrow of Wales.
xxx Love Lizzie


Anonymous said...

Nice tea cup!

cheekie_munkey said...

looks blissful :)