Sunday, April 15, 2012

History Sunday

This is my second time at the Natural History Museum. I find the exhibitions quite funny. 
First up we started the day with coffee's at Kaffeine, then we had breakfast at Sacred. Both cafe's were owned/run by Australian & NZers but both had such a different feel to them. The picture of Joe with coffee is at Sacred.


cheekie_munkey said...

that camel is creepy... hehe but I did want to ask if you spent the night in the museum when I saw the dinosaur skeleton :P

Jo Tinkler said...

Although this comment may be a little delayed, it looked like your having a blast over there! Totes Jealous! I thought I'd look for your smiling face on your blog as in continues to get colder and dark at my desk. That right I look at your blog! I'm so smart! haha
Cant wait to see you! <3
Jo xox