Monday, January 23, 2012

Madrid - Day 1

We are currently in Madrid staying with our excellent tour guide Jaclyn. Madrid is a beautiful city. It has been blue sky's and pretty mild weather wise.
So these pictures are from Saturday afternoon. We arrived and then went out for some yummy vegetarian lunch. Its not as easy to be vegetarian here but Jaclyn is helping us out heaps and we can always have tortilla or patatas bravas. 
There are more photos from yesterday (sunday) aswell, but i have to get up for the day now. I will try to get those organised soon.
xxx Love Lizzie


cheekie_munkey said...

oh wow, so jealous! I love the bear statue :) <3

Anonymous said...

So glad you could meet up with Jaclyn! Your pink jacket look great - hope the rest of the trip is equally fantastic :) Tess