Sunday, January 15, 2012

Koh Chang!

After Koh Samet we went to Koh Chang for a week. Tess joined us there. It was pretty lovely. We stayed in Kai Bae Beach. Did lots of relaxing by the pool and swimming in the sea.
Now Joe and I are back in Bangkok but i still have the itchy bites, bruises and awesome tan to remember my time in Koh Chang.

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James said...

Yes, insects are a side effect of a good rest in fact. Everyone has been waiting for vacation. But it does not depend on whom I rest and where I have 2 rules on vacation. The first is rent of transport Forgive me the locals, but the public bus is not for me, definitely. And the second is to take into account all the nuances in insurance, read the contract and thereby guaranteed for yourself and for your loved ones a restless way. Yes. Especially when you have somebody to spend your vacations with. They can either be friends, colleagues or your beloved family. But spending summer holidays with your beloved person is a whole new level of fun and responsibility.