Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

Happy New Years!

The above photos are all from New Years Eve.
1. I had to do a cheesy sand writing photo; 2. Paul and Joe chillaxing; 3. The beach chairs before the masses arrived. The towels on the chairs mean they've already been claimed for the day and I think this was probably about 8.30am; 4 & 5. Umbrella;
iPhone photos....
6. Pretty lights view from our balcony; 7. The fire dancers. They were really little! Like 8 years old or something; 8 & 9. Me, flashing bow lights head band and a vodka redbull bucket; 10 & 11. Fireworks! They went all night... ; 12 & 13. This morning. We got up to watch the sunrise and Joe and I set off another lantern. Gotta love Thailand New Years!

xxx Love Lizzie

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cheekie_munkey said...

I love the bow!! :D That place looks incredible, I'm so jealous!