Wednesday, December 21, 2011


First day in Bangkok. It was great.
Today in photos:
1. Started the morning with a lovely swim
2. Awesome/crazy dangerous wooden scaffolding on Annie's Soi
3 & 4. Merry Christmas from 'Terminal 21' a fantastic airport themed mall where each level is a different city eg. Tokyo, London, San Francisco, Paris.
5. Painters in Annie's building

Also today I got contact lenses! No more spectacles for me... they're kinda weird to get used to but i'll keep trying!



Anonymous said...

Hope your having an amazing time which it looks like you are! Also enjoyed the cement roll featuring on your blog. :) Tess

Sabine said...

Love the photos with the teddy head - it's so good to be able to follow your adventures! Have a wonderful Christmas my darling!! Love you xxx