Monday, November 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Tess!

It was Tess' birthday last week and she wanted to have a picnic outside but the rain made that impossible.
So instead we had a lovely picnic inside.  Unfortunately my photographer wasn't feeling very enthusiastic and only took a couple of photos...
Yes they are pink lady cupcakes. Thanks Mum!
Happy Birthday Tess! We <3 You! xxx

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Tess said...

Dear Lizzie,
Thank you for your lovely post about my indoor birthday picnic. Thank you to you and your fellow housemates for hosting us - it was a fantastic day for all!
I especially liked eating pink lady cakes, Joe's photographic technique of taking all photos from where he was initially sitting on the floor, your mums amazing crepe paper skills and your picnicie artistic flowers throughout the house. Thank you for your homage to blue and white - and to me! Tess