Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Heide

Well my trip to The Heide was a mission but well worth it. There were a few exhibitions on whilst I was there on Sunday. The main one was Albert Tucker; Images of Modern Evil which I wasn't that excited about. I really liked the 'Concrete Poetry' exhibition for its play on words and typography art. I also liked the Mirka Mora exhibition and have just borrowed her autobiography from the library.
I wanted to take pictures of the concrete poetry exhibit but wasn't allowed. A couple of pics from the grounds are below...
(It was a mission to get to The Heide without a car. 2 trains and a bus! - a full day trip really)
This Saturday i'm off to explore Castlemaine.
Love Lizzie


Julia Davies said...

I'm enjoying your Saturday excursions. Love the sculptures - thanks

Madeleine said...

Love Heide so much...we live not too far from there so we go as often as we can in summer. Even if it's just to picnic on the grass.
Well done you on getting there! Epic journey x