Monday, May 16, 2011


My trip to Castlemaine with Tess was great! I am looking forward to going back to go garage saleing with Tess' Mum at some point.
It was the perfect Autumn day and we caught the vline train up in the morning. It was a pretty quick train ride to some fantastic shops of china and 'collectables'. Unfortunately everything was pretty overpriced but if I'd had the space at home I probably would have still bought some things back. We had a delicious lunch at 'Saf's' aswell.
I'm not really sure what to explore next... suggestions welcome :)


Julia Davies said...

love the plate display!

Louise! said...

OMG THE PUPPY! My parents are collecting china puppies... Of the Sylvac variety, they're on 3 at the moment. Hehe. It is so cutie! I love your blog xoxo <3 Beltie

Tess said...

What lovely pictures! This is such a nice blog and all of your explorations look great. Can't wait for all the fun adventures to come (and for Friday fun times!). Love Tess