Thursday, May 26, 2011


This morning I have been feeling super inspired by all the images and projects on Ashley Meaders website. Make sure you go have a look. Some people are just far to clever/talented/creative.

Monday, May 16, 2011


My trip to Castlemaine with Tess was great! I am looking forward to going back to go garage saleing with Tess' Mum at some point.
It was the perfect Autumn day and we caught the vline train up in the morning. It was a pretty quick train ride to some fantastic shops of china and 'collectables'. Unfortunately everything was pretty overpriced but if I'd had the space at home I probably would have still bought some things back. We had a delicious lunch at 'Saf's' aswell.
I'm not really sure what to explore next... suggestions welcome :)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Heide

Well my trip to The Heide was a mission but well worth it. There were a few exhibitions on whilst I was there on Sunday. The main one was Albert Tucker; Images of Modern Evil which I wasn't that excited about. I really liked the 'Concrete Poetry' exhibition for its play on words and typography art. I also liked the Mirka Mora exhibition and have just borrowed her autobiography from the library.
I wanted to take pictures of the concrete poetry exhibit but wasn't allowed. A couple of pics from the grounds are below...
(It was a mission to get to The Heide without a car. 2 trains and a bus! - a full day trip really)
This Saturday i'm off to explore Castlemaine.
Love Lizzie

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Herring Island

I've decided I need to become a tourist in Melbourne because there is so much that I haven't seen yet that I 'keep meaning' to visit and just never get round to it.
Well yesterday I went to Herring Island. A sculpture island on the Yarra. Its only open over the summer and a bit of autumn and this weekend was my last chance till the end of the year. You have to catch a wee boat (punt) across to the island which is only $2. I befriended a group of people and helped them carry a trailer load of stuff from their car to the boat though so as a thank you they paid my fare. I also got invited to the 70th they were having over there.
The island is much smaller then I expected but it was pretty cool. I'd recommend it if you want something to do when it opens again.
The pictures don't really do any justice to the sculptures but my favourite was the 'falling fence' (3rd photo down) and you can see a bit of the freeway in the background of that one too which shows just how close this island is to everything.

Now i'm off to explore The Heide.

p.s The hot air ballooning was surprisingly not scary at all (i was nervous to begin with) and it was to celebrate Joe's birthday.