Monday, December 6, 2010


Beautiful photo found on flickr. Click on it to see more.

Good Morning.
I haven't blogged in forever. The longer i left it the harder it got. So instead of continuing what i was doing i'm going to start fresh.
I'm going to have alot of time to myself over the next year. Joe is working every weekend. I have to come up with fun and interesting things to do that aren't shopping... Will be tricky.

♥ I'm going to learn french. There is a brilliant french school near our house which is apparantly one of the best in Melbourne. They do all sorts of different classes but i'm going to do it term by term, and non travelling french. Proper everything
♥ I would like to blog more
♥ Maybe do a photography course
♥ Read
♥ Go for walks and take pictures

So hopefully i will start blogging more.

Oh and if you want photos from Tasmania - Go to my Flickr here

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cheekie_munkey said...

Heya, What is Joe doing that he is busy every weekend for a year??