Wednesday, December 15, 2010


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A restaurant in Melbourne that we love is 'Moroccan Soup Bar' in Fitzroy. If you haven't been you really should go.
They have a delicious dish called 'Fattet al hummus' which is essentially a chickpea bake. So good. I've found a recipe online and i'm going to recreate it on Saturday night for yummy dinner because Hollie is coming over and she loves it too.
Anyway, an interesting thing i noticed in the recipe there was an explanation that the reason for having cumin in it is because it acts as an anti-bloating agent for all the chickpeas. I find that sort of thing amazing and i wonder how many other foods does it happen in? I know in Japanese food there is alot of that concious paring of ingredients and i would like to find out more about it.
So there is another thing for me to add to my weekend things to do.
A research project on: 'Ingredients that are friends with benefits.'
(I thought for a second i could say 'symbiotic relationship' and sound smart but i would be completely wrong. Wikipedia tells me that means they live off each other... not quite right in my instance)

Sounds like it could be tasty.


cheekie_munkey said...

I think symbiotic would work...they kinda live together in your stomach and intestinal track together :)

I didn't know that though, I will tell Victoria :)

Spin Spin said...

Gosh I love that chickpea bake. Haven't had for ages and now want to go!

shawna said...

i LOVE the moroccan soup bar-- we tried to go the other nite and we were so disappointed they'd already closed for their month-long break that they take this time of year. this was my favourite dish at the moroccan soup bar before i went vegan almost 2 years ago. fortunatey i've managed to recreate it as a vegan dish at home.