Thursday, June 10, 2010


Photos by Joe

So here I sit uploading photos for you before hopping off to bed, wearing my fingerless gloves (very kindly given to me thank you Julia) with frozen fingers. I'm contemplating running them under hot water but i'm terrified of getting chill blanes.

So these pictures were from my horse riding lesson last weekend. I think i will go back, but i will need to do some serious leg exercises before then. My legs were dead after Sunday. Even on Tuesday when i would be walking somewhere, all of a sudden my leg muscles would spasm and i'd almost fall over.

Must start walking to work again. Maybe i'll go off now and do some lunges and stretches.

xoxoxo Love Lizzie


cheekie_munkey said...

why has that horse been shaved funny?

Lizzie said...

so that when he is wearing his saddle his girth doesn't rub him funny

Rhian said...

look how long and curly your hair has gotten! pretty :)

ShoeboxSally said...

gee - I didn't know horseriding did all that to your legs, stomach etc. It must be the ultimate exercise - perhaps I shoudl try it - but it does sound painful ..