Sunday, January 10, 2010

The order of the pictures is backwards... my bad. These are just some of the photos from our stroll last night.
It was great lighting. I like the colours in the photos and i haven't changed them at all.
Sunsets are a little cliche... but fun to take photos in.

Today Joe and I trekked to Preston to go to 'La Panella' which is a vegan bakery. Yum!
The pies were delicious and we bought more for the freezer.
I also had a yummy apple pastry thingy.

Thinking of making some dinner now.
Might make ravioli (mushroom filled wonton wrappers with a tomato basil sauce).
I'm also thinking of making some crunchie nuggets for dessert. Thats chocolate covered hokey pokey.

It'll be a hot one tomorrow... thank goodness my work has air conditioning.

xoxo Love Lizzie

1 comment:

Rhian said...

jealous about all the vegan deliciousnesses!
miss you guys heaps and heaps!!!!