Wednesday, January 27, 2010

We're going swimming!

We were lucky enough to spend Australia Day at Lucinda's. Yay for a day off work to go swimming!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Happy Friday!

So its Friday. Thats exciting.

I tried a new vegetarian/vegan cafe in Balaclava this week. It was cute. Quite small but delicous. I had a yummy bean, kumara (sweet potato) and coconut cream stew, and a really nice soy chai latte.

Tomorrow i'm hiring a bike from Its such a neat idea. Cute vintage bikes scattered around the city ready for you to just hire and ride for the day, and not super expensive either! Joe and i are going to go to the farmers market in Albert Park and probably out for breakfast at a cafe next to where the shop is that the bikes are at. It will be my first vegan breakfast out.

Anyway its my lunchtime so i'm going to go eat something.
xoxo Love Lizzie

Monday, January 11, 2010

"You can say I love you in Helvetica. Or you can say it in Helvetica light if you want to be fancy."

Just thought i'd share that with you. Joe's watching some documentary on Helvetica (the font) and some cute man said that and it made me giggle.
I know what a dork :p
Its so hot i taxied home because I was sick of waiting for a tram and I couldn't see one for miles.
We're going to go for a walk to a non jellyfish beach later for a swim.

p.s Blogger didn't have Helvetica font :(

Sunday, January 10, 2010

The order of the pictures is backwards... my bad. These are just some of the photos from our stroll last night.
It was great lighting. I like the colours in the photos and i haven't changed them at all.
Sunsets are a little cliche... but fun to take photos in.

Today Joe and I trekked to Preston to go to 'La Panella' which is a vegan bakery. Yum!
The pies were delicious and we bought more for the freezer.
I also had a yummy apple pastry thingy.

Thinking of making some dinner now.
Might make ravioli (mushroom filled wonton wrappers with a tomato basil sauce).
I'm also thinking of making some crunchie nuggets for dessert. Thats chocolate covered hokey pokey.

It'll be a hot one tomorrow... thank goodness my work has air conditioning.

xoxo Love Lizzie

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Joe and i went for a stroll last night. It had cooled down alot then which was nice.
We took lots of photos so i'll put some up later. We're on our way out now to go for a mission.
(p.s the picture gets much bigger if you click on it)

Happy Twenty Ten!

So 2009 is over with. I'm really not feeling that motivated about 2010 yet... but i do love saying twenty ten. I had a great Christmas New Year break. I hope you did too. These photos are just some randoms i've taken over the past month... Will try and take more soon.
It was a bit warm today... but now its cooled down to 27 which is nice. It was 37 this morning after my haircut. I'm just not quite sure what to do with myself when its that hot. Joe and i got dvd's out and watched Ponyo with the fan facing us while eating strawberries dipped in chocolate that had been set in the fridge. Yum.