Monday, November 9, 2009

new leaf...

Pool picture from here

So i've decided instead of focusing on the negatives of summer, i should maybe focus on the positives. So behold my 'yay summer' list:

  • I can eat lots of popsicles
  • I found an outdoor pool that is semi near our house and we are going tonight
  • My work has airconditioning
  • Everyone else seems to be happier in the sun
  • I like the smell of sunscreen
  • BBQ's and summer parties are fun
  • Pretty dresses
  • Summer means Christmas is coming!
  • When you go to Flikr and search '241543903' its awesome
  • I appreciate the cooler moments much more
  • Sangria! and punch and my latest obsession... Apple Cider yummo
  • Sleeping with the door open
  • Washing drys really quickly
So yes, i'm sure i could probably come up with more but i think that out weighs the con's list i put together.

Will try and think more positively about Summer, and less negatively about heat.

xoxo Love Lizzie

summer = christmas = lizzie will tolerate heat for christmas!

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cheekie_munkey said...

It is easy to be negative but I agree it's better to try and focus on the positives. I'm trying to do that too :)

Love youuuuu