Sunday, November 8, 2009

Good Morning Monday

So i've been adrift of the blog. I bought a new camera so i have a few new photos to put up but its all feeling a little overwhelming at the moment.
Do you know what else overwhelms me? The heat. I hate it.

So, i've been thinking of a pro/con list of summer...

* I can wear tshirts
* Daylight Saving
* When its 28degrees it can be nice
* I like swimming in outdoor pools
* Cold showers are amazing

* It gets hot... anything over 30degrees is too hot for me
* I get a bit down on myself in summer
* I don't know where there are any outdoor pools near my house
* The beach is too smelly to swim at
* We don't have air con
* The heat makes me grumpy and that sucks for poor Joe
* I hate sweating
* Tired all the time
* I cant snuggle in my duvet
* Trams suck in the heat

Man, what a debbie downer i am today.

xoxo Love Lizzie

p.s incase you didn't know/don't live in Melbourne... it was hot on the weekend. And again today. Currently at 9am its 27 degrees. Lame one.

1 comment:

Ali said...

maybe you could put ice cubes in your shoes or advertise for a friend with a outdoor pool! or move back here - it hardly ever gets over 28 degrees!
miss you xoxoxo