Wednesday, November 11, 2009

4 first photos

Photos from the first weekend with my new Canon DSLR.

xoxo Love Lizzie

Monday, November 9, 2009

new leaf...

Pool picture from here

So i've decided instead of focusing on the negatives of summer, i should maybe focus on the positives. So behold my 'yay summer' list:

  • I can eat lots of popsicles
  • I found an outdoor pool that is semi near our house and we are going tonight
  • My work has airconditioning
  • Everyone else seems to be happier in the sun
  • I like the smell of sunscreen
  • BBQ's and summer parties are fun
  • Pretty dresses
  • Summer means Christmas is coming!
  • When you go to Flikr and search '241543903' its awesome
  • I appreciate the cooler moments much more
  • Sangria! and punch and my latest obsession... Apple Cider yummo
  • Sleeping with the door open
  • Washing drys really quickly
So yes, i'm sure i could probably come up with more but i think that out weighs the con's list i put together.

Will try and think more positively about Summer, and less negatively about heat.

xoxo Love Lizzie

summer = christmas = lizzie will tolerate heat for christmas!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Good Morning Monday

So i've been adrift of the blog. I bought a new camera so i have a few new photos to put up but its all feeling a little overwhelming at the moment.
Do you know what else overwhelms me? The heat. I hate it.

So, i've been thinking of a pro/con list of summer...

* I can wear tshirts
* Daylight Saving
* When its 28degrees it can be nice
* I like swimming in outdoor pools
* Cold showers are amazing

* It gets hot... anything over 30degrees is too hot for me
* I get a bit down on myself in summer
* I don't know where there are any outdoor pools near my house
* The beach is too smelly to swim at
* We don't have air con
* The heat makes me grumpy and that sucks for poor Joe
* I hate sweating
* Tired all the time
* I cant snuggle in my duvet
* Trams suck in the heat

Man, what a debbie downer i am today.

xoxo Love Lizzie

p.s incase you didn't know/don't live in Melbourne... it was hot on the weekend. And again today. Currently at 9am its 27 degrees. Lame one.