Monday, October 26, 2009

Lots of Laughs

Cute print from Mati Rose

In the efforts of doing more exploring and trying new things, Joe and I went out to ‘The Local’ for comedy last night. The Local is a bar that is pretty close to our house and is a beer bar. Joe was happy as they had Emersons, which is a Dunedin beer. I tried a Little Creatures pale ale which was nice. The comedy was hilarious and just what a Monday night calls for. I’m useless at remembering names but Dave, Toby, Xavier and more were there making everyone laugh. Its taken us a very long time to get to this bar but we will probably be going back more often now. They have a roof top bar which will be lovely in these sunnier evenings.

The street I live on has two different suburbs on either end. One suburb is St Kilda (beach, restaurants, shops) and one suburb is Balaclava. Lucy from The Design Files is guest blogging at another design blog this week, and one of her blogs has been on Balaclava.
Go here to see it: Design Sponge Online

Anyway, best carry on.

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hollie said...

When we lived on Inkerman st, the local used to be our hangout. Back then it smelt funny and had big old couches and you could still smoke inside. Some dick closed it down and made it all shiny and built the roof top bar. Now shiny people go there... boo.