Sunday, October 18, 2009

Hello Sunday

Hello Sunday,
I had some small plans to make this weekend a little adventurous and go out and do stuff but instead we've been very lazy indeed.
Yesterday we watched some movies (I love you man, Nick and Norahs infinite playlist, Back to the future) and today we've been out for breakfast and the St Kilda school fete. I got some great childrens books for 50c each, and also the wonderful dvd 'Love me if you dare'. A french movie with Marion Cotillard in it who as we know is gorgeous. I'm going to take it to knitting next week so if anyone wants to borrow it you can. I already own another copy packed away at Mum and Dads house. I was very dissapointed in the school fair not having candy floss. Whats the point of a school fair if not just to eat heaps of candy floss!
I've been trying to do a creative thing each day, and today I have started creating a zine. It is mainly finished i just need to think about it a little bit more as to extra things to change/write differently and if i want little pictures in it. I think at my local library they have a zine club sort of thing where you can photocopy and print for free. Will have to look into that. I don't know if anyone else will like it but it makes me giggle. Will put photos up when its done or will send you one if you want.
Anyway i might have a wee nap now. Joe and I got more dvd's out today... after watching Back to the Future 1 last night (Joe was disgusted that i had never seen it) he has decided that we need to have an 80s time travel marathon with Back to the Future 2 and 3 and Bill and Ted's excellent adventures.
xoxo Love Lizzie

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Julia said...

What's a zine?
I like the idea of doing something creative every day