Monday, October 26, 2009

Go Confidently...
How was your weekend?
Again, ours wasn’t exactly what we had planned but it was still lovely. On Friday night we went out to some new bars etc and had fun, then out to a new café on Saturday morning for breakfast. New to us anyway. Its called Tusk and is on Chapel Street and was delicious. We have to get back to trying out different places again. Its hard when you get favourites! On Sunday we went into the city to do some shopping. Tiring!

We were supposed to go see the Sea Shepherd boat to take some pictures of the inside for my sister but they ended up not coming to Melbourne. That’s a shame because it would have been very interesting.

Do you like the picture above? It’s a print from Very pretty. I’m a little stuck these days and trying to find my bliss kind of thing, as clichéd as that sounds.
My trying to do a creative thing a day is going well. I’ve been doing some bad bad drawings, but still doing it nonetheless. I’m wanting to buy a proper digital SLR camera. Will buy off ebay probably as I don’t need something too fantastic. Just something to learn on for the moment.

Other than that just pottering along. Knitting again this week (I think) which will be nice. Then I’m having a long weekend. Tuesday is a public holiday (next week) anyway for Melbourne cup so I’m taking the Monday off aswell. Will be nice to have 4 consecutive days off.

What a boring blog post. Tonight I’m composting and will get to see the big pusscat hopefully. Oh and I’m sorry if you’ve noticed that I’ve stopped following you on blogger… I just had to delete all the people I was following as it was messing with my google reader, and I tried bloglines but it doesn’t agree with me either so I’ve spent some time fixing up my reader and culling and such like. Its much more organised now. I promise if I was following you on blogger, I am still following you on reader.



cheekie_munkey said...

I'm looking for some bliss's hard

Tali said...

ooh, love that print