Sunday, July 26, 2009

Lazy Weekend

A new friend arrived in my letterbox last week. Her name is Floxie and she was made for me by the beautiful Rhian. Here she is enjoying some sun over the weekend with her new best friend Petey the Pirate.
I also got the cute little doll with white hair below from my lovely sister. She has a secret message inside! Its nice that she has a big sister to hang out with too.How was your weekend? Mine was pretty lazy. Joe and I went out for breakfast on Saturday morning to a cafe we hadn't been to before on Inkerman Street. Delicious coffee but we probably won't go back for food. I do like to go out for breakfast. Its just so nice to have someone cook yummy things for you and sit quietly reading the newspaper drinking yummy coffee. I much prefer breakfast to dinner... Although Joe and I are going to go to SoulMamma for dinner tomorrow night before going to the George for a movie. Fun Fun.

After breakfast I went to the library. As you can see I got lots of 'serious' books out. I'm currently reading 'Ethical Eating' and its incredibly depressing. Well worth a read though. Its also very Australian specific which is very handy.

I also bought a tree on Saturday. You can see it in the pictures with Petey and Floxie. Its a lovely 'Silver Princess' Eucalyptus tree. The leaves are so nice and big and some of them are shaped like hearts! I tried to plant it yesterday but the soil in our backyard is more like gravel, and also when you get about an inch deep its just tree roots for ever. I think I'm going to need to build up, and make a nice planting box. Joe reckons we can do it :)

We watched 'Changeling' on Saturday night which is the movie with Angelina Jolie in it playing a character who's son goes missing and is then 'found' by the Los Angeles Police. It is really an appalling movie because its true! Joe and I just sort of sat there after it was finished. Pretty intense.

I hope your weekend was good!
xoxo Love Lizzie


Rhian said...

hehehe i love that Floxie has a pirate friend. i also love that neither of them have arms!

cheekie_munkey said...

love your new additions :)