Thursday, July 23, 2009

Another Book...

Well last night I finished another book… the things you do when you aren’t watching tv.

It was a miserable rainy night last night, so after going to the library on my way home from work I jumped into bed and started a new book. The book is called “Blood Sunset” By Jarad Henry. The basic story line is that a detective in St Kilda (where I live) has to solve a murder mystery that originally gets written off as an accident. It involves drug addicts, prostitutes and generally paints a pretty seedy picture of St Kilda. The story itself wasn’t so scary (a bit creepy and then took a turn for the worst as most mystery’s do) but I was a bit scared about leaving the house after. I think I have an overactive imagination… I probably shouldn’t have picked a murder mystery book in my suburb but oh well.

I found the book a very easy read, and it was gripping as you would hope. I did think he namedropped places way too often, but then that could have just been because I knew where he was talking about and don’t usually in other books. There was also a lot of cop jargon and at times I felt like he was trying to make it too relatable. I think the author also felt very strongly about the contradictions in St Kilda… the people who live in super giant rich houses next to squats and think nothing of it… or the people that visit on weekends and spend all their money here buying off the down and under.
I think I just must be very naïve as I can’t say I’ve ever really seen the seedy underbelly that has been described… I mean I know its there, and you see the sad effects but I just figured it’s the city so its going to be there.
I would recommend it though. If you’re into murder crime mystery novels. It’s a quick read, and a bit of escapism. Good to read a local author.

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