Wednesday, July 29, 2009

6 things...

Good Morning,

Sabine tagged me to write 6 things I love. So in nice bullet points below...

  • My Joe, and my fantastic family (immediate and extended, Mine and Joes) and my beautiful friends. (old and new) I've put them all under the one point so that i can have more other things i love. Its cheating a bit...
  • Melbourne. I moved here a year ago but i am still in love with this city.
  • Pussycats. So soft and snuggly and i miss having one. I try to get kitten love with the neighborhood cats but i'm just a wee bit too needy for them and they tend to ignore me. Or they're too cool.
  • Food. Mostly all food... well actually only some food... but the yummy ones.
  • Freshly washed sheets that have been hung out to dry... then lying in bed in those freshly washed sheets with no immediate plans. Maybe a friend with me.
  • The fact that i'm going to see my beautiful sister and the fantastic beautiful Harry next week! I do love that. I'll leave you with a picture of him. Just because i think he's the most beautiful baby in the world

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Does anyone else find Tuesdays as boring as me?

Well some links for you then!

Hope that all works for you.
xoxo Love Lizzie
Click on the pictures and they'll get bigger
These pictures are scans from my Kerri Smith book The Guerilla Art Kit, and i thought it was cute. Sorry that they are a wee bit crooked. There are lots of places around my suburb that could do with a plant bomb.

Oh and in other plant related news... the possums got to my eucalyptus tree and tried out the nice beautiful big leaves... they're a bit eaten now. I hope that they tasted disgusting. I think i am going to have to make a chilli/garlic spray. Stupid possums intent on destruction.

xoxo Have a fantastic Terrible Tuesday

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Lazy Weekend

A new friend arrived in my letterbox last week. Her name is Floxie and she was made for me by the beautiful Rhian. Here she is enjoying some sun over the weekend with her new best friend Petey the Pirate.
I also got the cute little doll with white hair below from my lovely sister. She has a secret message inside! Its nice that she has a big sister to hang out with too.How was your weekend? Mine was pretty lazy. Joe and I went out for breakfast on Saturday morning to a cafe we hadn't been to before on Inkerman Street. Delicious coffee but we probably won't go back for food. I do like to go out for breakfast. Its just so nice to have someone cook yummy things for you and sit quietly reading the newspaper drinking yummy coffee. I much prefer breakfast to dinner... Although Joe and I are going to go to SoulMamma for dinner tomorrow night before going to the George for a movie. Fun Fun.

After breakfast I went to the library. As you can see I got lots of 'serious' books out. I'm currently reading 'Ethical Eating' and its incredibly depressing. Well worth a read though. Its also very Australian specific which is very handy.

I also bought a tree on Saturday. You can see it in the pictures with Petey and Floxie. Its a lovely 'Silver Princess' Eucalyptus tree. The leaves are so nice and big and some of them are shaped like hearts! I tried to plant it yesterday but the soil in our backyard is more like gravel, and also when you get about an inch deep its just tree roots for ever. I think I'm going to need to build up, and make a nice planting box. Joe reckons we can do it :)

We watched 'Changeling' on Saturday night which is the movie with Angelina Jolie in it playing a character who's son goes missing and is then 'found' by the Los Angeles Police. It is really an appalling movie because its true! Joe and I just sort of sat there after it was finished. Pretty intense.

I hope your weekend was good!
xoxo Love Lizzie

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Another Book...

Well last night I finished another book… the things you do when you aren’t watching tv.

It was a miserable rainy night last night, so after going to the library on my way home from work I jumped into bed and started a new book. The book is called “Blood Sunset” By Jarad Henry. The basic story line is that a detective in St Kilda (where I live) has to solve a murder mystery that originally gets written off as an accident. It involves drug addicts, prostitutes and generally paints a pretty seedy picture of St Kilda. The story itself wasn’t so scary (a bit creepy and then took a turn for the worst as most mystery’s do) but I was a bit scared about leaving the house after. I think I have an overactive imagination… I probably shouldn’t have picked a murder mystery book in my suburb but oh well.

I found the book a very easy read, and it was gripping as you would hope. I did think he namedropped places way too often, but then that could have just been because I knew where he was talking about and don’t usually in other books. There was also a lot of cop jargon and at times I felt like he was trying to make it too relatable. I think the author also felt very strongly about the contradictions in St Kilda… the people who live in super giant rich houses next to squats and think nothing of it… or the people that visit on weekends and spend all their money here buying off the down and under.
I think I just must be very na├»ve as I can’t say I’ve ever really seen the seedy underbelly that has been described… I mean I know its there, and you see the sad effects but I just figured it’s the city so its going to be there.
I would recommend it though. If you’re into murder crime mystery novels. It’s a quick read, and a bit of escapism. Good to read a local author.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

thinking thinking thinking...

A picture i've taken just now at work from the balcony of the sky in Melbourne... check out the cloud line! Its such a perfect line between gray sky and blue. I love Melbourne.

Last night Joe and I went to the ‘Design of the times’ talk by Liane Rossler at ACCA. Liane is an Al Gore ambassador (as well as a million other things – truly fantastic woman) and was talking about Climate Change and what designers have been doing and the directions we should be taking in the very near future to take responsibility for our ‘Environmental Footprint’. I’ve seen Al Gore’s movie ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ and I find it all a little doom and gloom… I mean I know the point of it is to try and shock you into change, and I guess that’s what it is achieving for the most part. With Liane’s talk last night, I really found it interesting when she stopped talking about how everything is falling apart and the world is coming to an end, and started talking about what she was doing to change her habits and influence those around her, and also what she had noticed other designers were doing. It was all a little bit inspiring – and I can be very cynical about these things at the best of times.

It got me thinking about me and Joe. We don’t own a car so we take public transport or walk/bike everywhere. We haven’t used a heater all winter. We have started collecting our food waste and will be taking it to the Port Phillip Eco Centre to compost. We recycle. We collect water when showering and try and keep our showers very short. In part I think by us trying to save money we’re using less of everything. But I know we could do more. We go through an awful lot of rubbish. Joe suggested last night we try and go for a week without TV. I think we should be able to do it. This is sort of even less about the electricity thing… we’ll read more and do other things instead of just vegeing out in front of the tv. We started yesterday and it has been fine. I do need to get new books from the library though.

Liane did discuss waste and I think I do need to think of ways I can reduce my waste. It did get me thinking of Christmas. I love Christmas and am thinking about it a lot especially at the moment because I’ve been planning with my family to all meet together in the Gold Coast for Christmas. I’m super excited and have been planning to make Christmas crackers and what presents to buy everyone… Maybe I should try and think of things I can do that will be more ‘environmentally friendly’. I don’t know! Maybe I should just think less. I’ve always kind of disliked the whole, don’t give a gift give a donation but I think this year, I might ask for donations to certain organisations (maybe for trees in bushfired Victoria, or for the wildlife centres in Victoria) instead of receiving stuff. Just more things for me to think of as I fall asleep at night…

Xoxo Love Lizzie

Monday, July 20, 2009


I've been sitting here looking at nice summery pictures on thefashionspot and i'm seriously looking forward to going to Brisbane in 2 weeks. Some nice warm ness and maybe even a skirt without tights on underneath. I'll bare my white legs on QLD hey :p

So no new pictures from my weekend... it was a good weekend though. Off to a design festival talk tonight because i was lucky enough to win tickets from

Until i get some pretty pictures of my own please enjoy some nice sunny pictures below.
Love Lizzie

Friday, July 10, 2009

Good Afternoon

Are you as excited as I am that it is Friday?
I always feel like i'm cheating when I put other peoples photos up but i thought this was pretty...

Picture from here

What are your weekend plans? I'm going to sleep in tomorrow because i was up early this morning being very organised with fresh fruit smoothies and poached eggs on toast for Joe and my breakfasts, and dealing to dishes and washing etc. I might go for a stroll tomorrow, depending on the weather.
On Sunday morning we are going to go to Batch for breakfast. Hopefully by going early we'll avoid queuing for a table and will then be able to have a delicious breakfast and then train off to Camberwell Market. I hope to find something precious but i am always surprised with what i end up getting...

xoxo Have a fantastic weekend.