Friday, May 29, 2009


I walked to work this morning. It was such a beautiful morning. AAAAnd i saw the hot air balloons which always makes me happier. They just look so pretty in the sky.

So last night we went to Enlightened Cuisine for dinner. We had chicken satay skewers, wontons, and i had sweet and sour pork and Joe had lamb curry.... None of it was real meat. It was so tasty though. Its quite a novelty to have mock meat but i wouldn't do it all the time.

Tonight we're going to Soul Mama which is near us apparantly. I'm walking home so thats good. As an added incentive for me to walk home i don't have a tram ticket :p

Last night on our way back into the house (from knitting) there was a big possum on the fence. I can't tell which is which when there on their own so i don't know if it was Betsy or Joey, but it was nice and quiet so i'm pretty sure it wasn't Robert. Anyway so i talked to it for a little bit and he just sat there looking at me so i decided to give it some of our old broccoli... It ran away from me when i approached the fence so i moved it closer, and the possum ran further. I just left it out and it wasn't there this morning so it either ate it or threw it away. Mmmm broccoli :p
So yes... turns out i'm feeding them now. It was pretty cute though. Who would have thought i'd ever call a possum cute!

Knitting was good last night. Made another loop for my scarf. Will have to take a picture so you can see my progress. I bought a pretty bracelet off Hollie that i'd seen at her market stall a while ago and kept thinking off. It looks like lollies - but not really.

I don't know what our weekend plans are really. Theres a few things on we could go to. Or we could just sleep in and lounge around all weekend. I'm a bit on the poor side and i don't want to go into my savings... i'm actually trying to save now and its really hard because theres just too many cool things i want to buy! And the design market is coming up. Such hard work.

xoxo Love Lizzie

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