Thursday, May 28, 2009

Soulfood Cafe

Good Morning,
No photos today sorry.

Last night Joe and i went out for dinner to Soulfood Cafe. A vegetarian cafe/restaurant on Smith Street. I had a chickpea tagine and Joe had a burger. It was all very tasty.
I've got this little book called 'The Melbourne Veg Food Guide' and i want to work my way through it and try all the restaurants. I know that thats probably a little overkill but i'd like to atleast try the places that i can get to via public transport.

Tonight before knitting we're going to a place in Southbank called Enlightened Cuisine. The book makes it sound really cool and yummy. Apparantly it has mock meats. It shall be interesting. I don't want to go home before knitting because thats when i get lazy. I'll have to take some photos of what i'm knitting to put up.

In the mean time look at something i want to buy from etsy...
This is a Trinity Necklace from here
And this awesome doll (and others) from here

I like some crazy things.
Until next time....

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cheekie_munkey said...

That baby is crazy....You're knitting? Did you join another club?? So much has changed!!