Monday, June 1, 2009

Lazy days

So i had a really really lazy weekend. Didn't even go out for dinner on Friday night like we had planned. Got home and decided to have a video night and just watched DVD's all night. We watched Stardust which was great, and also Half Nelson which was a little intense. On Saturday it got even lazier when i slept most of the day. Decided that we had to leave the house at some point though so went out for dinner to the end of the street... Tried Lentil as Anything for the first time. Its was tasty even though it was a little too spicy for me. We had the curry platter. The idea of that restaurant though is that you make a donation for your meal. Its quite hard really but we based it on a meal we had the weekend before.
Sunday i tidied the house and put pictures up and took photos for mum so she can see a bit more what my house is like.
xoxoxo Love Lizzie


nini said...

lizzie...i miss you soooo much and i´m always happy to read news on your blog!!! take care. love nini

cheekie_munkey said...

I think Victoria and I went to that it in St Kilda? It was super yum!!

Love all your pictures on the walls! Our place is boring ...but I kinda don't want to put anything much up then its like we live here permanently

Suzie said...

Hi! Is that a Mark Ryden print? Nice. :)