Friday, March 27, 2009

Funny Possums

Last night Joe and I had just finished watching ‘The Wackness’ (actually an ok movie) and we heard quite a commotion outside in our courtyard. Joe thought it might have been Pudah, the cat next door so we went to look. (I renamed him Stanley because Pudah’s a lame name – he never listened to me anyway so it doesn’t make much of a difference what I call him)

Joey (the baby possum) was trying to find our tasty tasty herbs and he was branching out on his own! Betsy was still on the fence keeping a watchful eye on him, but it was kinda cool to see him out and about. Funny little possum.

When they saw us, they decided it was time to carry on. (There aren't any herbs out there for them anymore anyway. We learnt our lesson last time) It was quite a sad sight actually because there have been painters at our place recently and they removed the trellis that was a part of the fence, so poor Joey and Betsy had to try and manouver their way around on a corrugated iron fence. Joey managed to claw his way up the wooden fence poles after falling and sliding a bit (3rd times a charm) and met up with his Mum. They had been talking to each other the whole time… no screeching like stupid Robert, just kinda whispering and waffling away to each other.

Joey proceeded to climb onto Betsys back. Poor Betsy. Joeys so big now and she had to carry him away! Robert seems to have left them alone. I did read in a book recently that the male possum will follow the female around for about a month, hassling her until they finally mate and then he abandons her. Real nice. It would seem that it’s a tough life to be a possum.

I'm going to Brisbane tonight to finally meet my nephew Harry, the most beautiful boy in the world. Yay!

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cheekie_munkey said...

possums suck...well male possums...what dicks :P