Thursday, October 9, 2008


This was on the Saturday just gone. I went out with my flatmates Nina and Tess to the dream festival. We only saw the end which is fine because that was the bit with the light show, which was code for fireworks. Then we went to Section 8, a really cool bar in a lane in chinatown. The photo below is me and Tess at Section 8. After a drink out, we went home, had pizza and danced in our kitchen.

Below: Me, Tess and Nina
Below: Tess, Me and Nina
Below: Tibaut (i know i'm spelling it wrong), Nina, Me and Janina
Below: Nina, Me and Tess with our delicious corn

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Anonymous said...

Don't know why but my browser just reverted right back to this old post. Such lovely memories .. kitchen parties! Last night I had a little tribute to Lizzie night, drank some cider, listened to music and watched some TV. Missing you x Tess