Saturday, August 2, 2008

Today was pretty busy once we finally got up. We went to town and went to a cake decorating shop. It was pretty full on, heaps of stuff everywhere! I ended up buying some cookie cutters, a dinosaur, a lion, a monkey and a giraffe. I can't wait to make some biccies now! After that we went to Sticky which is a zine shop and then we went to the Rose Street Artists market in Fitzroy. Thats where we took all the photos below... Heaps of awesome street art!

After exploring and looking at street art we went out to Ikea and bought some stuff... unfortunately we have to go back again tomorrow morning as the things that we wanted to get delivered (bed base, bookshelf and desk) weren't in stock today. They restock overnight so they told us to come back tomorrow. After doing that i've got an exciting mystery exploration day and Joe doesn't know where we're going. To be completely honest, i don't know either but i do have an address and a map :p

I'll post pictures of tomorrow of my purchases from today and hopefully tomorrow. The batteries in the camera died tonight when i went to take some.

xoxo Ciao Ciao lovelies


Rhian said...

love all the photos! aaah reminds me of our stenciling days hehe.
miss you guys heaps and heaps

Emma said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

It sounds like you had a great day out in the city. Was it Cake Deco in the Port Phillip Arcade you went to? I've never seen the stencils in Fitzroy before, but they look great - a bit of Ha Ha and a bit of Banksy? Oh and I love that Alice in Wonderland one!

Also, reading some of your other posts, I have that book Stencil Grafitti Capital too! And I'm sure that bed must have been at Franco Cozzo's?